Bandit Industries

6750 Millbrook Rd
Remus, MI 49340



Bandit Industries, Inc. manufactures and sells Brush chippers, Whole Tree chippers, The Beast Horizontal Grinders, Tracked Carriers, Stump Grinders and Skid Steer attachments around the world. Product sizes range from compact hand fed machines to machines large enough to process large trees and or stumps. Our wood chippers are great for our customers.

Serving the rental markets, landscapers, tree services, land clearing, green waste reduction, biomass, paper, pellet mills and more.

Located in Remus, Bandit was started in 1983 with only a handful of employees and two buildings, one 60 x 60 and the other 40 x 80. Early on, Bandit adopted the Henry Ford approach, a limited number of products (Model 100) and the only paint color offered was yellow. In 1986, they also started producing a new smaller unit. That continued for a few years and then around 1988/89 the proverbial “Flood Gates” opened and a wide variety of products started to be introduced. That was also when the first major facility expansion occurred.


From those humble beginnings Bandit has grown dramatically. They currently have more than 400 employees, over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space, and are sitting on 110 acres located in three townships within Isabella County. Today’s annual sales exceed $1.25 million.

When asked about what makes the business successful, Scott Parks, Plant Manager, and Lou Jenson, Facilities Manager, summarized it into four key points:

  • Listen to your customers (build products that exceed the customer’s expectations)
  • Stand behind your products (be very responsive to insure any issues are addressed quickly)
  • A willingness to adapt as market conditions dictate
  • And our employees play a key role in our success also

They also acknowledged the most significant business challenges as well:

  • Global competition
  • More and more restrictive engine tier regulations

Looking toward the future, Bandit sees many new opportunities emerging as well as continued growth in the traditional wood chippers and processing markets. Other markets include chipping of plastic products and shingles for recycling. Both Scott and Lou stated that the key to success tomorrow is to not limit your thinking and be open to new market possibilities and product enhancements.

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