Burch Tank & Truck

2253 Enterprise Dr
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858




Burch Tank & Truck was founded in Mt. Pleasant in 1990 by Ken Harrison. What started as a 3 Bay operation has now grown to include 20 bays for manufacturing, repairing, inspecting, and modifying bulk transport tankers. We provide great tank & truck services. These tankers are used heavily in the sanitary, chemical, petroleum, and dry bulk industries. We have grown steadily over the years and now employ about 100 people in total, 45 of them in Mt. Pleasant.

Burch Tank & Truck stands above many of their competitors in the eyes of their customers for tank & truck services. Achieving this stature did not happen by accident. It took commitment and perseverance and, most importantly, paying attention to the customer. What are the key differentiators that set us apart?

  • Superior quality products. This is evident in the product engineering, the materials used to build the products and the craftsmanship that is evident is in the building of the products.
  • A ten-year warranty is standard, compared to their competitors offering warranties ranging from one to three years.
  • Willingness to customize their products to match any unique customer needs.
  • Design focus on aerodynamics.
  • Maintenance requirements are the lowest in the industry.
  • “Uniframe” Design. This is more expensive initially, but it is a key to the robustness of their products and extremely low warranty costs.
  • Recognized for attention to detail.
  • Quality and Reliability are top description terms when customers are asked what comes to mind when they think of Burch Tank & Truck products. 

In addition to the main manufacturing facility in Mt. Pleasant, they have a separate parts business here as well. Also, we have another division, Burch Energy Corporation, that has teamed up with QualaWash specializing in chemical tank cleaning at a facility in Midland. There are three other service locations: one and Montana, one in Illinois, and the other in Arkansas.

Burch Tank & Truck is truly a multi-generational “family” business. Today, Ken, the founder, is still involved. However, he has turned over the presidency to his son, whose two sons and daughter are also part of the management team. The more you look at the business, the more you can see that their future is bright and that the hand-offs from one generation to another are well-planned and transitions are smooth.