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1900s Start of the Scrap Services

Louis Padnos emigrates from Russia as a teenager, crosses Europe and the Atlantic, peddles and trades through the U.S., and finally settles in 1905 in Holland, Michigan. With horse and wagon, Louis peddles dry goods and trades for scrap throughout Western Michigan, the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin to begin fulfilling the American dream.


We’ve come a long way from Louis Padnos’ early 1900’s single, horse-drawn wagon. Today, PADNOS is over 600 team members strong and continues our deep commitment to the values of the family business Louis built. Our culture is one in which continuous learning is an integral part of every role. Every single team member has a written personal and professional development plan with access to learning through PADNOS Academy. Growth. Opportunity. Success. Energy. And a passion for scrap… that’s how we started and that’s how we will grow.

WHAT WE DO : Scrap Services

We’re ready to go

Whatever your industry or business, PADNOS makes it easy to get more value for your ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, paper and electronic scrap with our Michigan-based, industry-leading scrap management services.

Padnos does much more than buy, process and sell scrap materials. We’re your hands-on scrap service and recycling partner. Our ability to innovate is second to none, so whatever you need, we make it happen. We’re not just striving for better solutions, we’re delivering them, with newer, more efficient equipment and smarter, more effective programs, services and customized solutions that integrate seamlessly into your processes. Whatever the type or size of your business, PADNOS helps you get more value from your scrap metal, paper, plastics and electronics, and more return on your investment.

Padnos has been transforming scrap into reusable resources for 100 years. We’re a fourth generation, family-owned and operated company with a hungry, start-up mindset. We have extensive capabilities, deep resources and many locations to handle your biggest challenges – as well as the agility and enthusiasm to provide swift, responsive service. Boosting efficiency and savings, reducing hassles, and improving your environmental impact are what we do best. We are a scrap service company trying to help our customers. 

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