The CMMA Annual Meeting held at Bucks Run on December 2, 2021 was an outstanding event. 135 people registered for the event.  Several individuals shared a common view, “You Can Feel The Positive Energy.” Rather than trying to describe everything involved, videos were taken to capture much of it. These videos were edited and then pulled into three separate video files.

  • The first one is a brief overview of the entire event.
  • The second addresses our new Workers Compensation Insurance Agreement between the CMMA, Manufacturing Technology Mutual Insurance, and General Agency.
  • And, the third is a longer version of the event complete with speaker presentations.

If you were at the event, you will definitely want to look at the first two videos.

If you missed it, we strongly encourage you to watch all three videos.

We are excited about the future of the CMMA and about manufacturing throughout our region.  If you have ideas about ways we can do more or how you can get more involved, please contact Harry Leaver by email or by phone at 989.798.7966.